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Lunedi, 25 Marzo 2019
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La loro guerra uccide
quel che alla loro pace
è sopravvissuto.

B. Brecht


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They hate truth - Free Bradley Manning! PDF Stampa E-mail



They hate truth

Published Dec 23, 2011 8:26 PM

They — the Pentagon, the administration, the U.S. ruling class — fear and hate the truth. How else can you explain their passion for persecuting Pvt. Bradley Manning, who has already spent 570-plus days of his 24 years in military prisons, most of them isolated from any contact with his many friends and supporters, and most of that time in isolation that amounts to torture.

For six days in mid-December, Manning has been in an Article 32 hearing that will determine if he is to stand trial. He is accused of telling the truth, specifically of releasing the truth to the public. This particular truth includes the exposure of U.S. helicopters killing Iraqi civilians, reporters even, seen dramatically in a video made from a U.S. helicopter. This incident was one tiny part of the unspeakable war crimes the Bush administration, the Pentagon, indeed, the entire U.S. ruling class — what today we call the 1% — unleashed upon the Iraqi people.

During the hearing, Vietnam ­anti-war whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg was expelled for getting too close to Manning, and Iraq anti-war ­ex-lieutenant Dan Choi was wrestled to the ground. That’s further proof the Pentagon hates those who bear the truth.

In this case the truth is that the Pentagon, which has imprisoned Manning and is trying to put him on trial, is the real criminal — the war criminal. With the full backing of the U.S. ruling class, it has waged wars of aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya based on lies intended to deceive the people, lies that the massive imperialist propaganda machinery — as powerful and well-financed as the Pentagon itself — has spread, repeated and spread again.

The government has up to now proven nothing against Manning. It has essentially tortured this courageous private. If he really did what they accuse him of, then he is a 21st-century cyber-hero, who has dug out the truth and offered it to the world. Now we must make the best use of it.

Free Bradley Manning!

Put the generals on trial!


Articles copyright 1995-2011 Workers World. Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium without royalty provided this notice is preserved.

Workers World, 55 W. 17 St., NY, NY 10011
Email: ww @ workers.org
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Joint Italian-Israelian War Games PDF Stampa E-mail


Italian Air Force and IAF Complete a Joint Exercise


Posted on December 17, 2011


Yesterday Italian Air Force aircrafts took off from “Uvda” aerial base, concluding a two week exercise with the Israel Air Force.

Italian Euro-Fighter and Tornado aircraft, as well as Israeli Barak (F- 16 c, d), Raam (F-15I) and Netz (F-16 a, b) aircraft participated in this exercise.
This exercise is a part of a broad training program and collaboration with counterpart air forces around the world. It was scheduled as a part of the IDF’s annual training program.

For more information, visit the Israel Air Force website .

»Occupy Germany« opposes preparations for war against Iran and Syria! PDF Stampa E-mail


»Occupy« Declaration against War – Demand to stop preparations for war against Iran and Syria!


Starting from Tunisia and Egypt, spreading to Spain, Greece and other European countries and finally to the USA in 2011 protest movements developed that work towards a profound political, social and economic change in the system.

We are globally networked people who feel inspired by these international events and who are motivated to join together in order to be politically active.

Our main demands are »real democracy« – that is real participation – and thus social justice and peace on Earth!

This includes the disbandment of international operating private banks, the disempowerment of the multinational corporations and the military industrial complex, because these three factors largely influence and determine all political decisions in the existing system.

A neo-liberal economic policy that knows no boundaries, the massive indebtedness of the public sector but also of many private people as well as harsh cuts in our social welfare systems have caused the gap between the poor and the rich to broaden even further. Unemployment, lack of perspective and mass poverty are the consequences of this kind of politics.

In the area of foreign policy we are witnesses of ever more escalating military conflicts and interventions in the name of »Western Democracy«, while internally we are being confronted with overarching surveillance in every sphere of life and increasing police violence. Political decision-making processes become more and intransparent and withdraw themselves from democratic control.

The situation is grave. That’s why we call upon you: Come, join us!

More than a 1,000 cities worldwide have seen the rise of protest movements and protest camps this year. They protest against the existing power structures and for true change.

We demand change!
We are change!

But all these peaceful global aspirations are increasingly threatened by war-mongering:

War-mongering is a well-tried tool to use fueled conflicts to distract the public from internal problems.

In light of the dispute over Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program, threats of a possible military attack against Iran, especially in the U.S. media and in Europe are expressed more openly now. This is especially true for the Republican candidate to the U.S. Presidential Elections in 2012.

The sanctions imposed by the British government against Iran and the withdrawal of the British ambassador to Tehran are further evidence that there is less and less interest in finding a diplomatic solution to the conflict. Also, it is important to note that Russia and China both maintain very close trade relations to Iran. Both countries have signalled openly that they would intervene in the conflict should it escalate further.

At the same time, sanctions against Syria are tightened and rebel forces are supported with weapons. In Syria we see the same severe conflicts of interest with Russia and China.

It is a known fact that by now the Libyan »Transitional Council« (an administrative instance supported by Western governments) collaborates with armed groups in Syria. It is becoming clearer that armed opponents of the Syrian regime receive massive support from abroad, just as before in Libya. We want to make very clear that we do support our brothers and sisters in the Middle East in their peaceful protests. We therefore condemn the Western governments’ intentions to intervene and disturb the processes of social change taking place in these countries to gain justification for an eventual military intervention.

After occupying Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya now NATO seems to have laid their eyes on Syria and Iran as the next targets for a forceful change of regime. International efforts to find a peaceful solution at the negotiating table are being nipped in the bud. This type of politics has already resulted in countless victims of war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and has brought massive destruction of infrastructure and ecosystems over these countries.

Mainly big Western corporations profited from the subsequent reconstruction and reallocation of resources while the cost for weapons, military bases and warfare were paid for with tax money from the citizens of the NATO member states.This adds to the massive indebtedness of Western governments.

Leading members of the German government have repeatedly expressed their support for a military intervention in Iran in the context of the country’s alleged nuclear weapons program.

Established mass media have also repeatedly voiced opinions in favour of the »military option«.

However, the Charter of the United Nations expressly prohibits the use and threat of force in international relations. There are only two exceptions to this »prohibition on the use of force«: The right to individual and collective self-defense according to article 51 and peace-enforcing measures according to chapter VII of the Charter.

Article 25 of the German Constitution (»Grundgesetz«) decrees that the general rules of International Law are part of German Federal Law, that they supersede national law and cause immediate rights and duties to the German citizens.

We say: End all Preparations for War against Iran and against Syria Now! End all Wars Worldwide Now!

We demand immediate de-escalating measures to defuse these conflicts sustainably!
We will pay close attention as to what will be real de-escalating measures and which actions and words only cover up provocation and escalating intentions!

We announce stiff resistance against any further escalating steps on the part of »our« governments and »our« corporate or public media.

We are many. We are the 99%. Expect us.

- »Occupy Germany«, December 6, 2011


german: Occupy”-Erklärung gegen Krieg – Schluss mit den Kriegsvorbereitungen gegen den Iran und gegen Syrien!

Sara Flounders: Threat of imperialist war - Occupy movement must react PDF Stampa E-mail



Threat of imperialist war: How Occupy movement must react

Published Nov 23, 2011 6:04 PM

Excerpts from a talk by WWP Secretariat member Sara Flounders at the Oct. 8-9 Workers World Party National Conference in New York City.

There are unique moments in history when people’s consciousness becomes a material force, an explosive and even revolutionary force. What was for too long acceptable suddenly becomes intolerable.

It is why our revolutionary workers party exists in the U.S. We always consider how to push and help to grow an emerging movement in the direction of revolutionary change. We focus on how to involve the most oppressed. They will be the most determined force because they have the most at stake in change.

After years of passivity in the face of unrelenting attack on U.S. workers’ lives, jobs, homes and futures, there is a beginning response. Millions of people are becoming aware that capitalism has no solutions, no jobs and no recovery on the horizon.

Imperialist war is a danger to the new Occupy Wall Street movement. The racism and right-wing reaction that accompany every imperialist war are the greatest threat to every progressive movement and to every gain that worker struggles have won. War is the weapon that the bourgeoisie uses to destroy class consciousness and allow reaction and fear to take hold.

Imperialist wars since 9/11 strengthened the forces of political reaction and repression. Homeland Security, the FBI, CIA and Immigration and Customs Enforcement coordinate with local police in entrapment, intimidation, frame-ups, raids and deportations. They will threaten the OWS movement as they already threaten people of color, especially immigrants, Muslims, and anti-war and political activists.

In this new movement, politics and demands take on great importance. We’ve contributed by raising the campaign to “Stop the racist execution of Troy Davis” and by moving anti-war demonstrations to Wall Street with slogans like “Wall Street = War Street” and “We need jobs, not war and racism.” Racism and war are the essence of capitalism.

The ruling class — the bourgeoisie, the owners of capital — has centuries of experience in destroying class consciousness and rerouting workers’ demands into channels that don’t challenge their ownership of everything in society. They aim to funnel movements into safe, electoral channels, and they are sophisticated at using racism and reaction to divide and disorient a section of the population.

Imperialist wars are a dagger pointed at the movement here. Wars are meant to — and have succeeded in the past at — dividing and even causing workers’ movements to collapse.

Recent U.S. imperialist wars have been spectacular failures and have not repositioned U.S. power. After 10 years in Afghan­istan, the U.S. position is worsening. The most powerful weapons in history have not prevailed against one of the world’s poorest and least developed countries.

The U.S./NATO war in Libya was a desperate attempt to push back the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions and move aggressively into Africa. Immediate collapse was predicted in Libya, but heroic resistance went on for seven months through non-stop U.S./NATO bombing and unimaginable destruction, targeting the civilian infrastructure.

U.S. imperialism is driven to war, and can’t do without it, even though the imperialists are less able to prevail. Their failure to reverse their deteriorating global position will propel these predators to larger adventures. We don’t know if the next war will be against Syria, Iran, Sudan, Korea, Venezuela or China.

In the center of this empire that has tentacles worldwide, we need to help this emerging movement to develop an automatic reflex to imperialist war propaganda, and not to believe the racist demonization that is used to justify a war or the hype about democracy or “humanitarian intervention.”

Educate the movement

Too many political activists are taken in, confused and disoriented, echoing the corporate media. We must educate this movement to focus on the outrageous crime being committed by the Pentagon’s giant death machine and refuse to accept any justification for the attack.

Activists must refuse to side with a racist attack, whether in response to an imperialist war of aggression or a lynch mob, a police attack on an oppressed community or a boss’s attack on a union. No one should join an orchestrated vilification campaign that blames the victims.

Stand in solidarity with all oppressed people under attack. That must be ABC.

If the U.S. corporate media, the White House and the State Department praise a struggle, a leader or a movement as a liberating force and claim a struggle is for democracy, be suspicious. They only want corporate domination.

Even if we disagree with some policies of a regime that U.S. imperialism targets, we should refuse to accept the bogus justifications for U.S. involvement.

The whole world is following what is happening at Wall Street and in U.S. cities. Our party can contribute a lot based on our experience in past struggles and on our class understanding of the international capitalist system.

Let us do all that we can to build and defend this new movement.


Articles copyright 1995-2011 Workers World . Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium without royalty provided this notice is preserved. 


IAC: Use War Powers Act to Stop Bombing Libya! PDF Stampa E-mail


International Action Center - iacenter.org - May 18, 2011


Tell Congress: Use War Powers Act to Stop Bombing Libya! End NATO Massacres of Imams and Other Civilians!

SIGN online petition at iacenter.org/africa/libyawarpowersact to send messages to House and Senate Foreign Relations Committees, congressional leaders, the Obama administration, the U.N. Secretary-General, Security Council, General Assembly President and member states, and the national and international media

On May 19 the war against Libya will reach its 60-day mark. On that date this criminal war will be in explicit violation of the War Powers Act.

The War Powers Act is a U.S. law that grew out of the struggle against the war in Vietnam. It requires a president involved in a military conflict lasting longer than 60 days to come before Congress for authorization to continue the war.

Knowing that this war is immoral, illegal and based on lies, the Obama administration has refused to address the reasons behind initiating yet another war after years of death and destruction in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

In the past 57 days of a war that was promoted as a "humanitarian intervention" to enforce a "no-fly zone," the U.S. and NATO have conducted more than 2,500 bombing missions.

A May 13 NATO bombing killed 11 Islamic religious leaders and injured 47 other members of a highly publicized, unarmed religious peace delegation of 150 Imams and other Islamic leaders. The NATO command has acknowledged the attack occurred.

This was a deliberate, targeted massacre by U.S./NATO aircraft. The religious leaders were gathered to attempt a meeting of peace and reconciliation with the NATO-supported opposition. The attack occurred in the city of Brega, which is 500 miles east of Tripoli and close to the area under opposition control.

Since time immemorial, in every country and culture, peace delegations, religious delegations and unarmed envoys traveling under white flags have been accorded respect and safe passage, especially in war zones.

U.S./NATO Command, with reconnaissance predator drones that are able to read a license on a car, knew exactly what this large, highly respected Islamic peace delegation was, where the delegates were staying and what their announced purpose was.

This latest NATO airstrike is a most grievous war crime. It is an unprecedented new level of international lawlessness and it reveals a dangerous escalation of the war on Muslim people. It comes on top of the ongoing criminal assassination attempts on Col. Gadhafi that have already killed his son and three of his grandchildren.

NATO bombs have hit numerous civilian targets including the Libyan Down's Syndrome Society, a school that provided speech therapy, handicrafts and sports sessions for disabled children. NATO Planning Staff claim that "All NATO targets are military targets,"

And the New York Times reports that Gen. Sir David Richards, Britain's top military commander, is propsing that NATO target Libyan "infrastructure," including electrical power grids and fuel dumps, in government held areas. Such targeting would be an attack on the civilian population that would constitute a war crime according to the Geneva Conventions.

We believe the people of Libya, North Africa, the Middle East, the U.S. and the world deserve a debate on the need to immediately end this war.

With the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression having a continued impact on the peoples of the U.S. and the world, we must stand up and demand the end to the bombings and other destabilization efforts against Libya, and all other forms of hostility against this African country.

We need money for jobs, housing, food, health care, and quality education -- not for war and destruction.

Tell Congress, the White House and the corporate media that the illegal and criminal war on Libya must end now.

Stop the bombs! End the war!

SIGN online petition at iacenter.org/africa/libyawarpowersact

Sample petition text (you will be able to modify it if you like):

To: Sen Foreign Relations Committee, House Foreign Affairs Committee, Congressional leaders

cc: President President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, U.N. Secretary General Ban, U.N. Security Council President G. Araud, U.N. General Assembly President Joseph Deiss,  members of the U.N. Security Council, U.N. member states, and major national and international media representatives


On May 19 the war against Libya will reach its 60-day mark. On that date this criminal war will be in explicit violation of the War Powers Act.

In the past 57 days of a war that was promoted as a "humanitarian intervention" to enforce a "no-fly zone," the U.S. and NATO have conducted more than 2,500 bombing missions.

A May 13 NATO bombing killed 11 Islamic religious leaders and injured 47 other members of a highly publicized, unarmed religious peace delegation of 150 Imams and other Islamic leaders. The NATO command has acknowledged the attack occurred.

This was a deliberate, targeted massacre by U.S./NATO aircraft. The religious leaders were gathered to attempt a meeting of peace and reconciliation with the NATO-supported opposition. The attack occurred in the city of Brega, which is 500 miles east of Tripoli and close to the area under opposition control.

Since time immemorial, in every country and culture, peace delegations, religious delegations and unarmed envoys traveling under white flags have been accorded respect and safe passage, especially in war zones.

This latest NATO airstrike is a most grievous war crime. It is an unprecedented new level of international lawlessness and it reveals a dangerous escalation of the war on Muslim people.  It comes on top of the ongoing criminal assassination attempts on Col. Gadhafi that have already killed his son and three of his grandchildren.

NATO bombs have hit numerous civilian targets including the Libyan Down's Syndrome Society, a school that provided speech therapy, handicrafts and sports sessions for disabled children. NATO Planning Staff claim that "All NATO targets are military targets,"

And the New York Times reports that Gen. Sir David Richards, Britain's top military commander, is propsing that NATO target Libyan "infrastructure," including electrical power grids and fuel dumps, in government held areas. Such targeting would be an attack on the civilian population that would constitute a war crime according to the Geneva Conventions.

The people of Libya, North Africa, the Middle East, the U.S. and the world deserve a debate on the need to immediately end this war.

We need money for jobs, housing, food, health care, and quality education - Not war and destruction.

 The illegal and criminal war on Libya must end now.

 Stop the bombs! End the war!

(your signature here)

SIGN online petition at iacenter.org/africa/libyawarpowersact

International Action Center
c/o Solidarity Center
55 W 17th St Suite 5C
New York, NY 10011
Indirizzo e-mail protetto dal bots spam , deve abilitare Javascript per vederlo





The International Action Center calls on all anti-war and social justice activists to call Emergency Response STOP THE U.S. WAR AGAINST LIBYA AND BAHRAIN actions in their areas on Friday, March 18 or Saturday, March 19, or to mobilize support for any already existing anti-war demonstrations called to mark the anniversary of the Iraq War, with this statement and signs to STOP THE U.S. WAR AGAINST LIBYA AND BAHRAIN, as well as to intensify the mobilization for the April 9th and 10th Anti-War demonstrations in New York and San Francisco called by the United National Antiwar Committee.

On March 17, 2011, Washington showed its true intentions by pushing through a U.N. Security Council resolution that amounts to a declaration of war on the government and people of Libya.
A U.S. attack is the worst possible thing that could happen to the people of Libya. It also puts the unfolding Arab revolutions, which have inspired people across North Africa and Western Asia, in the gravest danger.
The resolution goes beyond a no-fly zone. It includes language saying U.N. member states could "take all necessary measures" ... "by halting attacks by air, land and sea forces under the control of the Gadhafi regime."(CNN.com, Mar 17)
The new resolution not only calls for attacks on Libyan aircraft and air defenses, but authorizes the strafing and bombing of ground forces as well. The U.S. and French governments immediately announced that they were ready to go. Britain and Italy are aiding. In essence the former colonial powers have begun an armed attack on the Libyan government and its people, backing one side of a civil war.

No matter how one feels about Libya today and the role of the Gadhafi government; regardless of how one evaluates the Libyan opposition, a U.S.-led war or intervention in Libya is a disaster for the Libyan people, and for peace and progress around the world.


The U.S. and its allies are repeating over and over the lie that they are trying to "prevent attacks on civilians" and are acting from humanitarian motives. But nobody should be fooled. Consider these “humanitarians” and how they react to Bahrain.
The U.S. Fifth Fleet is based in Bahrain, which is an absolute monarchy. Its people have been valiantly trying to change their government for weeks. They had some initial success. The king responded with deadly repression and later with hints at reform.

On March 14, however, hours after Secretary of Defense Gates visited Bahrain, the Bahraini government commenced a brutal crackdown, backed up by Saudi Arabian troops. Helicopters, tear gas, rubber bullets, and live ammunition were used, killing and injuring many people. Nearly all of Bahrain's security forces are foreign mercenaries.
Unlike the Libyan rebels, the Bahraini people have absolutely no arms. But there has been no talk of a no-fly zone over Bahrain, let alone attacks on the murderous Bahraini and Saudi armies.


This is because the real motivation for the U.S. and its allies in both Bahrain and Libya, and indeed the whole region, is to control the OIL! It is Washington’s main strategic interest and a primary financial interest for U.S. big business.
This is true even though the U.S. is not directly dependent on imported oil from Libya. Oil is a worldwide commodity, and any country which imports oil must deal with a world market, no matter from which individual country or countries they import the oil.
Of even more importance to the U.S. and Europeans is who controls the flow of oil. A military presence or a reliable puppet in Libya would give Washington --and to a lesser extent the European imperialists -- control of the oil spigot to Europe and also establish a military presence in North Africa from which to influence or prevent the development of the revolutions, especially in Egypt and Tunisia.


Not only a demonization campaign against the Libyan leader, but every form of fraud and propaganda is being used to push for this intervention, including a supposed "vote" by the Arab League supporting the latest U.N. resolution. Left unsaid is the fact that only 11 of the 22 members of the League even attended the meeting, which was held behind closed doors. Two of these 11 attending members, Syria and Algeria, made clear that they were completely opposed to military intervention in Libya.

Meanwhile the corporate media has ignored a resolution by the African Union, representing 53 countries, which adamantly rejected a no-fly zone or other intervention.


The U. S. blocked any UN action, even a toothless resolution, during the massive Israeli bombardment of Gaza in 2008 and also during the Israeli bombing and attempted invasion of Lebanon in 2006, as well as the continued bombardment of Gaza as recently as this week!.
It is important that peace-loving and progressive people around the world develop a consistent approach opposing ALL U.S. intervention. This is the only way to avoid becoming just an echo of the U.S. State Department and Pentagon.

U.S., French, British, Italian hands off Libya!
NO to the U.S. supported attack on the people's movement of Bahrain!
U.S. Out of Arab and African Lands! 


Download Fact Sheet on Libya : http://www.iacenter.org/pdf/libyasheet031811.pdf

Download IAC Statement: http://ww.iacenter.org/pdf/IAC_Libya_Statement031811.pdf


The Costs of War - By CASEY B. MULLIGAN PDF Stampa E-mail
Casey B. Mulligan is an economics professor at theUniversity of Chicago.

As the midterm elections approach, Democrats and Republicans will each try to convince us that their party wasted less tax money than the other. The stimulus law and the Iraq war will be favorite examples.  So let’s examine some economic principles for valuing the human cost of the war.

More than 4,000 American troops have been killed in Iraq and more than 30,000 wounded. And these totals do not begin to count the human losses among the civilian personnel and the militaries of other countries.

At the same time, the Congressional Budget Office has estimated that theUnited States Treasury spent about $700 billion on military operations in Iraq between 2003 and 2010. That total includes some human costs but not others.

The United States has an all-volunteer military, which means that personnel chose to serve their country and accept the risks associated with a military occupation, in exchange for salary, training, benefits and any nonpecuniary benefits that military service offers.

It would be double-counting if a monetary value of military deaths and injuries were added to the military payroll, unless a subtraction were made for the hundreds of thousands of troops who received salaries and benefits and finished their Iraq duty without injury. Also, the time frame for American military expenditures should reflect the time frame over which personnel are compensated for the risks they accept.

Some commentators have noted that future Department of Defense expenditures on Iraq veterans’ health and other benefits should be counted, and I agree. Part of the deal for volunteer military personnel is that they and their family will receive retirement benefits and help with medical expenses for the rest of their lives. In this regard, expenditures on the Iraq war could continue for more than 100 years, although presumably at a reduced rate (the last Civil War veteran’s widow died in 2004!).

When the Iraq war began, active and reserve military personnel were obligated to serve when asked, a consequence of the salary and other benefits they had been receiving since enlisting. For this reason, expenditures to compensate for the human cost of the Iraq war began actually before the war did, in 2003, and probably date back to the 1980s.

None of this counts the lost lives and health among Iraqis.  So it’s clear that the Iraq war cost more than the $700 billion so far tabulated by the Congressional Budget Office.

Carolus Wimmer: Las bases son un plan integral de militarización regional PDF Stampa E-mail
Caracas, 06 de Noviembre de 2009.- Las bases militares estadounidenses en Colombia son solo una parte de un plan de militarización regional que lleva a cabo el pentágono para asegurarse la región, ante la incapacidad de triunfar en los conflictos que mantienen fuera del continente, expresó el vicepresidente del Parlamento Latinoamericano (Parlatino) y secretario de Relaciones Internacionales del Partido Comunista de Venezuela (PCV), Carolus Wimmer.

“El imperialismo, que es incapaz de ganar en Afganistán, Iraq y Paquistán, está preparando un plan de retirada ordenada a nivel mundial que convierta a nuestra región en el último cuadrado de defensa al estilo del general Custer en la batalla de Little Big Horn, en el siglo XIX en territorio estadounidense”, agregó el parlamentario.

Recalcó que es por esa situación que mientras intenta aplastar a los pueblos iraquíes, paquistaníes y afganos; sostener a sus gobiernos títeres, mantener unida a la “maltrecha alianza OTAN” y contener a Rusia y China en sus avances, prepara más o menos sigilosamente un aumento desmedido de su presencia militar en América Latina y el Caribe.

El dirigente comunista resaltó que aunque la atención se focaliza en Colombia, con sus nuevas bases y la sumisión escandalosa del presidente Uribe, simultáneamente el Comando Sur instala nuevas bases en Panamá, para revertir el acuerdo Torrijos-Carter; un nuevo radar en Costa Rica, una nueva base aérea en la Guyana francesa, nuevos usos de los puertos peruanos para la IV Flota estadounidense y la  implicación del ejército mexicano en maniobras norteamericanas, sin descartar otras actividades militares secretas.

“Parece que el imperialismo, ante su desesperación por la derrota que sufre en todas partes, quiere hacer a mediano plazo de nuestra región la última trinchera de su hegemonía mundial. Pero estos planes agresivos se pueden revertir si los pueblos actúan unidos y firmes a favor de la paz, la desmilitarización de la región, la desaparición de bases extranjeras y el compromiso de no usar la fuerza militar para resolver ningún problema económico ni territorial”, concluyó Carolos Wimmer.
Acuerdo de EE.UU. con Colombia centrará la atención del Cono Sur PDF Stampa E-mail
ImageMañana la Unión Sudamericana de Naciones (UNASUR) en su cita de Bariloche, Argentina tendrá el reto de tomar una decisión sobre el tema que no provoque divisiones entre los países miembros

Marina Menéndez Quintero • Indirizzo e-mail protetto dal bots spam , deve abilitare Javascript per vederlo
26 de Agosto del 2009

No es fácil la tarea que tendrá ante sí la Unión Sudamericana de Naciones en su cita de Bariloche, Argentina. El reto, como siempre ha sido, le viene impuesto, en última instancia, desde el Norte.

Lo deseable sería lograr la necesaria posición contundente para desalentar un plan que hará de ese Cono Sur no solo presa fácil y «legal» de los apetitos imperiales sino, además, trampolín de sus afanes hegemónicos sobre otras regiones. Pero ello debería lograrse sin quebrantar la unión. Y esa unión que ha dado razón de ser a UNASUR está también, precisamente, en juego. Incluso, no faltan quienes opinen que el deseo de dividir forma parte de la trama sucia... Una trama que ya está obteniendo dividendos en el clima enrarecido, primero, por las acusaciones falsas contra los mandatarios de Venezuela y Ecuador, las  que hicieron renacer, tal vez demasiado pronto, los fantasmas ajados de negados vínculos con las FARC: la organización guerrillera colombiana tempranamente certificada como narcotraficante y terrorista, según la definición que hizo W. Bush.

Pero los motivos de la cita rebasan esas disonancias porque tienen que ver con el bien común, aunque quizá no todos entiendan la trascendencia de lo que se está definiendo. O no puedan verla. Lo que convoca es el acuerdo entre Colombia y EE.UU. que abrirá las puertas, las ventanas y los balcones del país andino a los marines junto con sus aviones, barcos, tanques, radares, y toda la parafernalia necesaria para la vigilancia, el desplazamiento rápido y, cuando fuere preciso, la acción, con una libertad de movimiento que sobrepasará incluso el uso de las tres, cinco, siete instalaciones mencionadas en los puntos que se han conocido del acuerdo, y que les permitirá correr y volar, desde allí, hacia zonas de África.

La reunión arriba a Bariloche «transferida» de la cumbre de UNASUR de hace dos semanas que dejó el análisis del tema para esta cita, a la que las posiciones llegan también transferidas y, además, lamentablemente divididas. En el mejor de los casos es posible que la piedra angular de los debates girase sobre la comprensión que haya en torno al término «soberanía», toda vez que se ha tratado de legitimar el acuerdo bajo el entendido de que se trata de la decisión soberana de Colombia. Probablemente ese fuera uno de los argumentos del presidente Álvaro Uribe en la rápida y —para los medios, muda— gira que lo llevó hace poco más de 15 días por Brasil, Bolivia, Chile, Perú, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay. Las declaraciones de sus mandatarios mostraron, después, opiniones con matices divergentes.

Más allá de la decisión soberana de Colombia, sin embargo, la fundada preocupación de países como Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay y Brasil, radica en las posibilidades y facultades que el acuerdo dará a EE.UU. para hollar la soberanía de cada una de ellas con  salvoconducto, y además, inmunidad.

Parlamentos, organizaciones sociales y sindicales se han pronunciado en contra y, en medio del debate, el presidente boliviano, Evo Morales, ha propuesto una salida salomónica: la celebración de un referendo para escuchar la opinión de la población del Sur.

La mayoría de ellos, seguramente, cerraría el camino a la injerencia que se esconde tras las falsas cruzadas contra el narcotráfico y el terrorismo que «avalan» el acuerdo.

fonte: http://www.juventudrebelde.cu/internacionales/2009-08-26/acuerdo-de-eeuu-con-colombia-centrara-la-atencion-del-cono-sur/



For the first time, Israeli occupation army will actively participate in a NATO operation in the Mediterranean Sea as part of the Active Endeavor maritime operation. The decision to send an Israeli Navy ship was made recently by Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Israeli occupation army Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi and commander of the Navy Adm. Eliezer Marom. It has not yet been decided which ship would participate in the operation.

Last year, the Israeli navy sent an intelligence officer to sit in NATO's Active Endeavor operations room based in Naples. NATO launched Operation Active Endeavor in the wake of 9/11 and has succeeded in bringing together a number of countries from the Mediterranean, at a center in Naples to share information concerning "naval terror and suspicious ships" in the region.

Morocco and Algeria - like Israel, members of NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue - are also seriously considering sending officers to the Naples-based project. If that happens, it will be the first time that Zionist entity, Algerian and Moroccan officers were cooperating at such a high level. Since its inception after 9/11, NATO forces have hailed over 100,000 merchant vessels, and boarded some 148 suspicious vessels. While the Zionist entity has over the past decade participated in numerous NATO exercises - mostly at sea - it has never sent troops or navy ships to play an operational role in the military alliance's operations.

Israeli army officials said that the decision to send a ship to participate in Active Endeavor has already been approved by the army establishment and that the Zionist entity was currently waiting for final approval from NATO before dispatching the vessel.

Vicenza and Africom PDF Stampa E-mail
Vicenza and the base at Dal Molin: "Here's why Obama wants it"

THE INTERVIEW. Vice-President of the "National Security" Committee visits Commissioner Costa in Venice. Loretta Sanchez: "These are options that have been voted by U.S. Congress, and it's not a coincidence that Defense Secretary Gates was reconfirmed. There will be no second thoughts"
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Dal Molin project gets final approval PDF Stampa E-mail

Vicenza mayor expresses concerns
By Kent Harris, Stars and Stripes
European edition, Saturday, February 21, 2009

VICENZA, Italy — The final hurdle in the approval process has been cleared for the Dal Molin construction project, the Italian government’s representative for the project said Friday.
But not long after the news conference, the city’s mayor appeared to set himself up as another barrier, of sorts.
At a meeting at the provincial administration building, Mayor Achille Variati said the airfield site is the worst place he could think of in Vicenza as the new location for the 173rd Airborne Combat Team’s barracks and offices. And he said if he had been the one behind the decision, it wouldn’t have happened.
"This was a mistake," he said. "A historic mistake that someone has to be responsible for."
He said he didn’t want his words to be construed as a threat, but implied that he could use his authority to prolong the construction, or even stop it outright. He said he believed a majority of the city’s people oppose the U.S. using the Italian military facility.
Paolo Costa, the center-left former mayor of Venice who was selected to head the project by Italy’s president, said he has been willing to talk to anyone about the project.
U.S. officials said they expect work on building foundations to begin in April.
Costa said he met with Variati before the news conference and invited him to attend. He said he wanted to inform the mayor that a final environmental study had been concluded and all other approvals had been granted. Variati said he didn’t think that study was sufficient. Costa disagreed and said he was convinced the project would have no negative environmental impact.
Italian air force Lt. Col. Mauro Becherelli, a military construction planner, noted in his remarks that all buildings and facilities in the project either meet or exceed Italian environmental standards.
Becherelli said barracks would house 1,200 soldiers and multi-story parking garages would house as many as 800 vehicles. Because the vehicles are concentrated, more green spaces would be left between buildings.
Costa said Italy’s federal government is committed to providing funds to construct a new runway on the airfield for civilian use as well as help build a ring road to ease traffic concerns. But he said local officials need to submit specific plans to the federal level beforehand.
ANTI-NATO Protest in Krakow. PROGRAM PDF Stampa E-mail
Conferences. Practical Info.

This will be the first official NATO summit in Poland for the 10th anniversary of it’s presence. 

Why are we against? 

We appeal to all people to come to CRACOW on 19 Febr. 2009, to protest against NATO's aggressive military and nuclear policies, and assert our vision of a just world free of war. NATO is an increasing obstacle to achieving world peace. Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has reinvented itself as a tool for military action by the "international community", including the promotion of the so-called "war on terror". In reality it is a vehicle for US-led use of force with military bases on all continents, bypassing the United Nations and the system of international law, accelerating militarisation and escalating arms expenditure - NATO countries account for 75% of global military expenditure.

In Europe NATO is worsening tensions, feeding the arms race with so-called "missile defence", a massive nuclear arsenal and a nuclear first strike policy. EU policy is increasingly tied to NATO. NATO's ongoing and potential expansion into eastern Europe and beyond, and its "out of area" operations are making the world a more dangerous place. The conflict in the Caucasus is a clear indication of the dangers. Each advance of the NATO border increases the possibility of war, including the use of nuclear weapons. 

NATO tolerates countries which don’t have interest in human rights which are also among it’s member’s.
NATO supports the economic and military hegemony of the USA, for example when being an assistant during the Afghanistan mission.
NATO is also striving for no more counterbalance in Cooperation and Mutual Assistance, but is only trying to take over the worlds energy resources. What is also not true is that as long we are a part of NATO we are safe. Article 5 of the Washington Treaty doesn’t guarantee any help from other countries but only obligates them to decide what they think is necessary. There are no collective headquarters, everything is being ruled by the USA. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said: “Without USA no protection system will be effective”. NATO is only a tool and USA’s right hand, which helps them to keep their position and only causes a bigger escalation of violence, anger and disrespect human rights.
Use this summit well to get the anti-NATO protests going!


Israel Aerospace Industries' Command PDF Stampa E-mail

Israel Aerospace Industries' Command and Control System Installed in
Urban Situation Room in Ashkelon


WASHINGTON: About 100 U.S. European Command soldiers, airmen and Marines
deployed to Israel to help set up an early warning radar system reported
no close encounters with air strikes or retaliatory attacks along the
Gaza Strip, a Eucom spokesman said.

The Palestinian militant group Hamas refused to renew a ceasefire
agreement with Israel when it expired Dec. 19, and began stepping up
rocket attacks on civilian targets in Israel. Israel, in turn, began
launching airstrikes against Gaza Strip targets Dec. 27 in an effort to
eliminate Hamas’ ability to fire rockets into Israeli territory.
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Hezbollah Condemns Violation PDF Stampa E-mail

ImageHezbollah Condemns Violation; Leb. Will Protest to UN  
Hussein Assi 
20/12/2008 A few hours following the Israeli violation of Lebanese sovereignty and kidnapping of two Lebanese citizens from within the Lebanese territories, Hezbollah issued a statement in which it declared that the incident was a flagrant violation of national sovereignty and a shameless assault on Lebanon's security.
On Friday, an Israeli occupation force violated the sovereignty and kidnapped two Lebanese citizens from the southern town of Blida near the border with occupied Palestine. They released them on Saturday after interrogating them for hours.
"This incident constitutes an aggressive act with respect to all international and legal norms," Hezbollah statement read. It called on everyone to assume their responsibilities. "What's the position of the UN Security Council over this direct and obvious violation to the international resolution 1701 and over this attack against civilians within the territories of their sovereign country? What would the international organization do to respond to the attack and prevent its repetition?" the statement wondered.
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TARGET - International Meeting PDF Stampa E-mail


ImageAn international Meeting on the 10.th Anniversary of the NATO bombings on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

On March 24, 1999, NATO triggered to go on uninterruptedly for 78 days with its shellings against the territory of the then F.R. of Yugoslavia - a country which had been already amputated through the secessions, begun in 1991, and which is today further dismembered among Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo. For its bombings, NATO used weapons which are prohibited by the international treaties (e.g. cluster bombs), used weapons which caused severe damage to the present and future generations (e.g. with depleted uranium), targeted chemical industries, civil infrastructures, public transportation services, embassies of third-part countries...

Those bombings represented the climax in a long-lasting aggression against that multinational and sovereign country, for which disintegration and selling-out to foreign Capitalism had been planned. In the forthcoming years, all key sectors of the economy and financial system of Yugoslavia were dismissed. While the historical Yugoslav military structures were heavily dismantled, the small republics born out of the disintegration were gradually absorbed in the euro-Atlantic military alliances, and folded to the latter's aims.

In fact, the entire vicissitude of the Yugoslav crisis - which dates back to 1991 and cannot be held for concluded yet today - is paradigmatic of the phase which opened with the smashing of the Berlin wall: a phase that, instead of guaranteeing peace and freedom, has been characterized by wars and destructions, both passed off to the public opinions by means of a false rhetoric about “rights” and dishonest disinformation campaigns. For instance, Italy: after repeatedly violating its own Constitution by serving as a launch site for the bombings and by taking part in several war missions in many countries, Italy is still employing increasing slices of its own State budget in order to finance the military machine, in spite of a chasing economic and social crisis... and it is asked to host more and more foreign military bases on its own territory!

It is in a town like Vicenza, nerve center of such processes, that we promote a big national and international happening on the occasion of X Anniversary of the beginning of those bombings, in order to tell what those bombings have been really, beyond the smoke curtain created by the mass-media... And in order to discuss about future activities and perspectives for the internationalist solidarity among the workers and for the movement that all over Europe fights against the war and the military bases.

Rete nazionale Disarmiamoli!
Coord. Naz. per la Jugoslavia ONLUS
Beogradski Forum / Forum di Belgrado per un mondo di eguali
Rete Semprecontrolaguerra

Vicenza (Northern Italy) - Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 March, 2009

Saturday 21/3, afternoon:

WAR PROPAGANDA: between strategic disinformation and political-cultural drift

NEW CRUSADES: macro-economic crisis and military policies

ECOCIDE: the effects of war

afterwards: Video documents

Saturday 21/3, evening:

Happenings (dinner, music)

Sunday 22/3, morning:


Workers' condition in the Balkans, in Italy, in Europe

From the bombs on Zastava to the big solidarity movement

Round table and debate: The anti-war movement, the military bases and NATO

Endorse! Be involved! Contact us: Indirizzo e-mail protetto dal bots spam , deve abilitare Javascript per vederlo or Indirizzo e-mail protetto dal bots spam , deve abilitare Javascript per vederlo

All updates can be followed at: http://www.cnj.it/24MARZO99/2009/TARGET/eng.htm

or: http://www.disarmiamoli.org

Contribute to organize the event by donating through the Italian Post account (Conto Bancoposta):

number: 88411681  

IBAN:  IT 40 U 07601 03200 000088411681

in favour of: JUGOCOORD ONLUS, Rome, Italy


bank: Poste Italiane spa, Viale Europa 175, 00144 Roma

N.A.T.O.:The Grand Strategy. Nuclear first strike policy PDF Stampa E-mail

Image BERLIN 2008/02/25 (Own report) - The German general Klaus Naumann and other NATO military specialists are appealing for a nuclear first strike policy, should the west's global predominance and its way of living be in jeopardy. The nuclear first strike must be in the "quiver" of every escalation strategy, writes former Inspector General of the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) Klaus Naumann. Naumann was temporarily Chief of the Military Policy, Nuclear Strategy and Arms Control Section of the NATO Military Committee. For the past few years, the most decorated German officer has been a member of the board of the arms company "Thales". Naumann is also chairman of the board of a German nuclear decontamination company, "Odenwaldwerke Rittersbach" (OWR AG). The nuclear first strike study was co-authored with another associate of the OWR AG. The German armed forces and the US Army are the principal clients of this allegedly private company, which also employs the Bundeswehr general Klaus Reinhardt.

The study, appealing for a permanent war preparedness of the NATO alliance, entitled "Toward a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World" has been making the rounds in the EU since January. One of Klaus Naumann's co-authors of the 152 page booklet is his OWR partner, the British general Lord Inge. The booklet was financed by an investment foundation, of which a third author, the Dutch general Henk van den Breemen, is member of the board of directors. He was awarded the Great Cross of Merit with Star and shoulder ribbon of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.[1] Another co-author has a background linked to the Georgian veterans of the Nazi SS and is today with the "United Defense Industries" (USA/GB).[2]

Customary Law

The study is based on the premise that the Westphalian System, the fundamental codex for modern international law and a worldwide peaceful order (pax universalis), no longer applies. What is needed instead, according to the study, is an "adaptation of international law to these transformed conditions." As the authors explain, wars against other nations should not need the authorization of the United Nations, if the declared intervention is to thwart a "genocide" and placed in reference to "customary law." This path, allege the authors, has been made available with NATO's attack on Yugoslavia and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.[3] General Naumann from Germany holds special significance in that he was one of the leading planers of the Kosovo War [4] He alleges that the resulting aggression - carried out in violation of international law - has the character of having created a legal precedent.


The military study demands a totalization of the arsenals needed for first strike capability. This is the only way for the USA, NATO and the EU to secure their "escalation dominance." The nuclear first strike is literally referred to as "indispensable". These NATO officers also propose strikes against foreign nations' cyber systems to deprive them of their means of communication. Following a "victory by paralysis," "destruction and occupation," a "transitional administration" will be installed, whose police and judicial powers will be dictated by the victors. How such a conquest will be carried out in conditions of radioactive contamination was not touched upon in the study. But NATO is in fact preparing for invasions into contaminated regions. The necessary anti-ABC (nuclear, biological, chemical warfare) furnishings are being supplied by OWR AG, with the nuclear planner Naumann on its board of directors.

Media Strategy

As the military authors emphasize, it is only possible to escalate a war up to the nuclear level, if the population is in favor. "Debates" on the home front that hamper the military effectiveness cannot be tolerated. "Operations" for the purpose of maintaining defense preparedness could become indispensable, threaten the authors, implying media control. The objective is to use a "first strike media strategy" to take over the headlines.

Military Dictatorship

The study proposes that a political directorate, comprised of the USA, NATO and the EU, should control the entire social system. Several European capitals are examining the concept of what amounts to a military dictatorship for its feasibility.

[1] Henk van den Breemen
[2] John Shalikashvili
[3] "customary law set in motion 1999 in Kosovo and 2001". Towards a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World. Renewing Transatlantic Partnership, Lunteren 2007. Die Studie erschien beim Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS): www.csis.org/component/option,com_csis_events/task,view/id,1468/
[4] Als Vorsitzender des NATO-Militärausschusses


Toward a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World, Renewing Transatlantic Partnership


Der folgende Text auf deutsch:

Newsletter vom 25.02.2008 - Grand Strategy

BERLIN (Eigener Bericht) - Der deutsche Heeresgeneral Naumann und andere Militärpolitiker der NATO rufen zu Erstschlägen mit Atomwaffen auf, sollte die weltweite Dominanz des Westens und seiner "Lebensart" in Frage gestellt werden. Der atomare Erstschlag müsse im "Köcher" jeder Eskalationsstrategie sein, schreibt der ehemalige Generalinspekteur der Bundeswehr Naumann...

http://www.german-foreign-policy.com/de/fulltext/57169 )


NATO rapid-response unit proposed to address fears about Russia PDF Stampa E-mail


NATO rapid-response unit proposed to address fears about Russia

By Julian E. Barnes and Paul Richter, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
September 19, 2008

LONDON -- Seeking to reassure countries that have grown fearful of Russia, Western defense ministers will consider the creation of an easily deployable military force that could be sent into nations feeling threatened, a senior U.S. Defense official said Thursday.

The creation of such a force would take NATO back to its roots as a deterrent against Soviet might after years of concentrating on missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan. North Atlantic Treaty Organization defense chiefs plan to discuss the proposal at a meeting today. The Bush administration is pushing the idea as a compromise that could reassure allies without provoking Russia.
However, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stepped up the Bush administration's denunciation of Moscow, alleging in a speech in Washington that Russia had shown a "worsening pattern of behavior" in which it was "increasingly authoritarian at home and aggressive abroad."


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AFRICOM: intervención militar de E. U. en África PDF Stampa E-mail

AFRICOM: militarización sigilosa

El poder suave
Por Jorge Luis Rodríguez González*

La estrategia de la intervención militar de E. U. en África es combinar el poder suave (el del falso humanitarismo) con el poder duro (el de las armas).

El fracaso de la política exterior del irracional Bush, pone a pensar al Congreso de Estados Unidos sobre la puesta en práctica del comando militar estadounidense para África (AFRICOM)
En una audiencia sobre AFRICOM, celebrada recientemente por el subcomité de seguridad nacional y asuntos exteriores, el representante demócrata John F. Tierney planteó la preocupación de que el nuevo comando sea otro de los brazos de la militarización de la política exterior norteamericana. Y cuestiona a Theresa Whelan, vicesecretaria adjunta de Defensa para asuntos africanos, quien había manifestado que «este temor es infundado».

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